To my unborn child and you, yeah you – reading this story. 

‘I am your Father’ (you will become very familiar with this famous movie quote). This is my my through which I will share the story of how you came to be.

You will meet some people along the way, you will also hear how your Mother and I came together, got married and decided to increase the size of our family by choosing to have you.

We will talk about sex, disagreements, arguments, drugs, depression, anxiety, stress, failure, success, happiness and love. Fair warning; you may want to skip a Conversation or two if you do not wish to hear about your Mummy and Daddy getting playing adult ‘Doctors and Nurses’.

Your Mum may well disagree with some of the facts but it’s not her story, it’s mine.

Lesson: Never let the truth get in the way of a good story… ever.

For the sake of this blog I will call you ‘Bean’. This story is being written for you. I started writing this story the morning after Mum told me that she was pregnant with you. It is currently October, 2017.