Welcome to my blog. 

I’d like to tell you that I have always had an ambition to write and publish a book but that would just be outright bullshit and no way to start our relationship. It just evolved from me sporadically keeping a diary of sorts to share with my soon to born first child to a book that is now actually published and available on https://www.amazon.co.uk/Am-Your-Father-Darrell-McEwen-ebook/dp/B07F18Q8QR/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1543295864&sr=8-1&keywords=darrell+mcewen

 So who on Earth would want to read this blog? I’ll be fucked if I know! What I do know is there is a shit load of information out there for expectant women but bugger all for the fellas. This is my journey to parenthood (and dare I say ‘adulthood’ – I’m 44 FFS!)

This blog is written comically, as 1:1 conversations with my child. It’s light hearted, real, occasionally upsetting, funny but mostly it’s just about my journey. You may see yourself in it… you may not. You may just be here for the craic. 

Let me know if anything resonates with you. Take the piss if you wish (play nicely!). Observe. Share your journey. Whatever… just remember that my Mum reads this – and yours might too!